Staci Maggot
pronounced: [stoe-shee mue-goe]

The origins of the phrase are rumored to have been traced to the taverns of Czechoslovakia, circa 1696. In general, it is a term that is not heard within polite conversation.

The Band:

Three life-long musicians decide to have fun.

Three Little Fishes (3lf)

1:F# punk thing (with B on 1,2 and E on 3rd time, F# 4th time)
2:2x[Bm379,A#79,C79,D] jazzy
3:4xGA hard rock pound (with DC 1st time,EDC 2nd time, CD 3rd time, 4th time goes into #4)
4:4xAE,AE-D colesium rock feel

1)Three little fishes
swimming in a bowl
one went down the sink
one died, and the cat got the other
What Mary Wants

3x[GC F]

There's always something that Mary wants
There's always someone that Mary wants
There's always someone that wants what Mary wants
and's just a little better at getting it
than Mary
Always, there's someone
watching, Mary
to see just what she wants
so they'll know just what they want

- bass "bowing" on F#GA guitar figure in D

It's hard being a flower...
everybody wants to take you home for free
It's hard being a flower...
Sun shines through the window
sends prisms through my coffin
this table is so hard
I think I'd like a glass of water
It's hard being a flower...
They cut off your legs and want you to act like a supermodel

1: EF
2: DCF
3: AG <---- You're not an artist
->1-2-1-2-[1 mixed with 2]-3-1

Whisper if you want to find me look to a field of azure freedom past dying dandelions in the shadow of the sun I crawl down curves of space I will hypnotize you terrify comply don't ask me to walk beside you
I'll burn X3
How many years will pass before we spend time together how many dreams are lost to a little man on a rock
Albert X3

1:bass harmonics on 2nd fret
2:E groove
3:G groove
->1-2-1-2-3-2-1-[2&3 alternating]-4-5-1-[2&3 alternating]-1-finish with ascending bass harmonics

1) The beat of my heart is a love machine
1) This is the mechanism by which you feel it because you are just too cool to touch
1) you're so cool you're cold 


1:B7 bass figure ( 1-7 & 6-3 )
2:E spy/surf (w: m3 & M3 alternating)
->1-2-1-2-1-2-[bass walk down from 1]-3-1-2-[bass walk down from 1]

1) Pianos and Guns
for white american babylonian girls
In a nation of Melrose
your virtue is virtual

2) Everybody's doin' preemptive strikes
who survives the cynicism

1) Bubba driver
Queen of pout
Spaghetti junction wonder
what it's all about

1) Nicorette chewing
in a smokeless bar
Petite Missy Women
take you very far

1: Am bass figure
2: 2x[AGFGEFG]
3: AE bass walk
-> 1-2-1-2-3-1

Speak to me I need to hear you please believe it's you I fear I solace My thoughts unspoken Commonplace cliches I'm broken And your silence is awesome I've been drinking thinking coming up with things for you to say it doesn't matter I don't want to hear you You're not talking to me anyway Your crying over me Don't call me
Crook of the Tree

1: EA
2: CA
3: G3M7,C3M7
4: 3x[CD#G],CD#E (bass figure on A)
-> 1-2-1-2-3-4-1-2-1-2-3-4-1

VERSE 1 1(E):I can't let you go(A):without me
1(E):And it hurts(A):that you can't believe me
1(E):The ^rain^ pours down(A):that's what it costs
1(E):p_a_i_n(A):^always has a ^price

CHORUS 2(C):The Rain- (A)can only turn this thing around
2(C):The rain- (A)just might make us drown
2(C):I need -(A)to feel alright and I it doesn't matter how -don't care how (a)

1(E):There is a thing I know(A):called indifference
1(E):I can see it in your eyes(A):or is it just malice
1(E):It doesn't matter at all(A):what it costs, to feel you
1(E):p_a_i_n slow pain(A):always ___ has a price

2(C):The Rain- (A)can only turn this thing around
2(C):The rain- (A)can ^only^ make us drown
2(C):I need -(A)to feel alright and I it doesn't matter how -but I care (...a..)

TRANS 3 (vocal tacit )

4(1) CD#...(high G) -I'll just never have my way (Octave/fifth harmony)
4(2) CD#...(low G) -but I can still smile (no harmony)
4(2) CD#...(high G) -I've seen much better days (Octave/fifth harmony)
4(2) CD#...(low E) -but not in while (no harmony)