When she walked in I was quite literally stunned. After ten years I still recognized those eyes her nose her mousy demeanor. That she was with a leather clad Pagan both amused and yes shocked me. Was this the cute sophomore that I had traded hickies with as a senior in high school played footsie with? Got drunk the first time? Ashamed I was; picked her gingerly out of the car and carried her purring moaning body babylike as silently as possible into her parent's house to her bidroom in her bed pulling her shoes off and tucking her in as snugly as I could. Tears of shame streaming down my face I left under cover of the night.
    To see her now with another guy in a way heartened me: to know that I hadn't ruined all men for her... well not that I have that big of an ego but I can say that maybe she ruined all women for me. Like what have I done in ten years? I hear she has born a man-child. I've gone through one ex-wife; I layed a model had an affair with a cousin; I fucked an Angel. I guess I sound pretty sick. I've almost died a few times. I've travelled the world. I don't dream anymore; or if at all nightmares.
    Most bikers I know are quite decent; they have more of a sense of honor than the yuppie trash I've dealt with. Bikers are as fun loving as any child but you still hear stories. I'm fairly confident that she has a man to take care of as he takes care of her.
    Women scare me: what they have done to me; what they can do to me; more importantly what I have done to me....