American Woman

    The crickets unite one by one singing a chorus over and over. Their song is one of introduction even though the main event is coming to an end. Playing a losing game of hide and go seek though the nearer trees the sun is diving for the distant horizon. He leaves his azure domain which will metamorphose into a royal carpet and later an opaque void. A farewell flash of light dies as the king of the daytime world retires to his chamber for an evening of relaxment only to rise early the next day and wake the farm animals for a day's labor.
    A wooded hill. Dan climbs the tree lined avenue. The gravel road slips beneath him; rocks scattering on various crunching footfalls and whispering strides. Twilight. The inclination beads a small sweat on his forehead. Rolling breezes slide around. The path curls up the hillside. Luna plays hide and seek among the various cloud banks.
    The moon truly a defiant one for Celine displays her countenance for all to see in the presence of her dad though she shines more brightly in her own domain takes the reigns of power agilely and basks in the serenades of coyotes dogs and wolves. A courageous suitor appears before all others and tries to win the fair hand of the spirited princess. He is soon joined by more each accompanied by their apprentices handmaidens and pages. Soon the shier ones arrive less adorned but in the same quest. The moon does not mind however for this is a game she plays without end. How can her father find out? The king is sleeping; but a parent knows to keep tabs on his daughter. They watch her flirting around well-trodden paths with their high-powered telescopes.
    As he watches the starrise the clouds morphing Dan sees a gust of wind as it first bows the tree tops at the crest of the hill and bowls its way down the grove. He watches the wind. He smells it a crisp tart. The moon is full. The trees swoon. Dan sways. The leaves crinkle. The clouds.
    They form things. They shape changes. They are shaped by changes subtle enough to bend a light. Emoting effervescent existencies. Read what you like. Understand what you can because they they will play you. You will play yourself. Words will but do not think. Sometimes you come out to feed sometimes you are fed upon. Even though you seek a watering hole where all manner of beasts come down to drink and declare neutral territory the hunger goes on and on.
    Sometimes the light so bright you see yourself. Even if in a different light.