Looking back I guess it all seems kind of funny: psychoskankboy falls in love with minor dominant lesbian. Strange thing is she seemed to dig it feeding him with classic tease encouragements. After awhile she became intrigued. All the time he tempered his behavior knowing that it was too easy to alienate her but that never stopped him from being psychoskankboy.
    Most people avoided him which is just fine by me. Most people just don't know how to have fun and are pretty boring in their behaviour. Then there are those that apparently think fun is engaging others in some sick manipulation tactic where only the controller benefits. Not me. If I maneuver someone through certain paces then they're going to benefit somehow even if at my expense. I'll always remember engaging some model in conversation and after two hours of helping her focus on solutions she says you're not so hard to talk to!
    Then again her whole method of reeling out her problems is a classic ploy to manipulate the listenner to submit to her wishes in a fawning display of manners and sympathy. But that's okay; I fucked a model have you?