le Summe

    It took me a fifth to remember. Liquid emolient of life that which all pass through; like some universal stone kidneyed in our tracks. Painful. Injurious and unjust journey we are submitted to our resumes untouched in acquistion. In time we find a product of consciousness. Manufactured by the guilt of the thought we cannot control.
    Drink up time wash away the existence that senses the physical. Laws that bind us to pain excite us to pleasure.
    Taste the change flow through your lips past your feet. Tingle as you walk down street wise up. In cars a tag bars passage.
    You think I'm drunk don't you? Twenty years old I'm a fifth of a century that is change. I've been smokin' right? That's what your thinkin'. Yes a year I've been smoked. Life is a harrowing habit; bottled up after every breath lunging for a release. Waiting to pull the trigger and fall away from a firing. Bulleting past fields full of innocent flowers we cannot pick or even see smell.
    For thousands of years philosophers have been theorizing about an immediate present. We are always living it and now we may not be around tomorrow it may take a second.... It is presently possible to cancel the future a present to the past. Well in elementary school we were told that every cigarette costs you five minutes of your life. So when I smoke I figure it's five minutes I might not otherwise have. Just five minutes and you're almost there. And these are words someone else might not be able to say.