I saw her again. She wore red leather pants. Even she could not look me in the eye as if it would matter. See me in her eyes. Hair slicked back; I could see it wasn't her who was she? Just another torture of my mind in my eyes. Some slit. I asked you when I came in. Twisted legacy? As if you would know. I never said nothing.
    Your curly pubes waving at me when you called me a god. Not just any one THE god. And now the wicked game you play is too much to do. It was fun when you thought you were safe. Ancient memories of the forest stalk. My teeth aching. In my grasp you struggle. I gentlemanly sportsmanly let you go. Fortified by your spirit I let you kill me. Again I die. Your arms strong enough to have my blood gush across your breast. My thoughts a blizzard a chill upon you know not where. Much too much.