Realitae Encorporeum

    A plot as insidious as life itself and as such as ill-conceived. But brilliantly implemented. So bright that you are blinded by it. Secret societies? Nice try. The eternal instant nice twist. How 'bout instant eternity. The immediate forever. We'll call it the IF for example.
    So you back off now. How much does he know you sneer how little can he do. You laugh. But you still wonder.
    The irreverent transcendental. Let us say IT. It speaks no ifs ands or buts. And if you think you are going to stop it you are the butthead who will be spanked with a brick. What about and let's just say: another nabby day.
    Sometimes I intuitively divine things that become secretly obvious. I id the so. What was this international duh? Frued and co. got away with something everyone bought into. Whatever happens approximate time. Let's say what. Interdimensional freedom that's what.
    My job is talking to machines. They talk back to me. I talk to animals they talk back to me. I talk to trees. They talk back. I talk to rocks... what do you think a computer is anyway? An electric rock that's what. I believe in this reality no more than I can throw it. I id it so. Sublimely ostentatious.
    Dare I say it... I already did idiot savante. It is so. Stupidly omniscient. Ring the bell knock on the door... the windows are already open. Tunneling in from above nice try. NT. New technology. More like MT empty. Care to try again? Ai matey. Not actually believable the nab. The heuristic encounter yes. Time absolutely loves Kallisti.
    They talk let'em talk. What they do... divinely oblivious. What do they do discreetly oblissious.