I feel violated. I think I'll write about it. Oh I already did. Do you wait for something so long that you wonder what you wait for? Do you want something something so much that you will wait for it? What is it?
    Is it something you worship? Is it something you need? Is it something that need's you? Is it? What is it? Does it cry in the night like you do? Does it? Is it a she? Does she moan for you? Like you moan for her? Does she?
    Will she?
    "Would you wait forever", she asks.
    You wonder. You've wondered this before. You always wonder this.
    You look at her. Those eyes....
    "Yes... I don't know...." You shrug and break away from those eyes. Clear as day. Loud as a lifting airliner. As nice as a passing waitress. You know you need it. You know you need her.
    She blanks. Do you remember it? Oh yeh.
    Do you remeber that you need her? Do you remember that you need it? Is she it? What is it to her? What is it to me? What is it?
    When the clouds part and make a sunny day in the dead of winter. When spring comes on time in the dead of winter. When I try to please her when I can when she lets me will she?
    Does she will it? Does she? Will i....
    "Would you", you ask. She averts her eyes. Bad song on the jukebox, do you even notice? Isn't this like a broken record, hearing the same mourning motif, over and over, on and on.... Samsara. You don't have to answer that.
    Hasn't this gone on long enough?
    You don't have to answer that.