4M dialogue/policies


> This be the ongoing, installment of a column that is part
> of MMMM (Forum)
> This is an ongoing dialogue of the personal reviews of these bands
> and bands to come.

heey kids, look it over and make comments etc.

It ain't done yet, but mmmm...it works! Send me a form, so I can check
out the e-mail forward options that I set....

give me something to do!

do you mind splaining this a little to me? I'm a littlle confused.

Oops...sorry--they have my bigfoot address. I'll go fix that so you won't
get any more interruptions!

OK, either bigfoot isn't working or I'm stupid and can't figure out what the
problem is.

Like how many? Is it really that bad? I only sent like 4 test messages. I'll
go take your name out of there.

bigfoot has been sending me plenty of things

they seem to have booted any registered eddresses
that pass through their sight and start spamming..

peter & pat: sorry to clog your buffers with this, but it might
require a webmaster cease and desist action

Hey, I just started getting the stuff from bigfoot. I took your name off
because it seemed like you were getting pissed. If you want, you can go back
and configure the bigfoot stuff with the information that I sent you
previously. Also, bigfoot has a feature to stop unsolicited mail that I set

>Following is the reply from MouseMail. You want it to automatically forward
to you?

That is a decision that the three senior editors must make together.
If every one of them want to be in on this and make some minor
commitment to whatever little effort is really needed at this point, I
think that all official editors should receive the response and then
coordinate somehow what duties are entailed to reviewing and commenting
and posting that processed response.

It's come to my attention that some mmmmbers might
   desire anonymity when posting their reviews.
   Considerations, however, are that a reader might want
   to contact the reviewee, etc., FMInfo. I propose
   creating a mmmmber directory of email addresses using
   aliases (OK, so the reader will see your name in the
   email, but really, only 3 people have seen this page,
   so who the !@#$ really cares?). It is optional for
   the mmmmber to appear in the directory, of course.
   Adding an "include alias in review" on the submit
   page is also a consideration.

   Let me know what you think.

I stand chastised, but to keep n4Md
the situation that I really would like to avoid
is e-stalking and spamming (and unreasonable flaming)
but your point is well taken

maybe, alternatively, a respond button which we can
filter responses and pass them on.  If someone is clearly being a
nuisance we can make the webmaster Intervention action
requesting them to cease and desist, then request/inform their IP
service of their unruly behavior and let them deal with it, while we
filter out any unniceties