Canada Day 2015
Lake Ontario Amphitheater

CoPilot Michael O'Connor arrives at my place and we depart for TO.
He has booked a BnB on the east side off of ... O'Connor Blvd.
We crash for an hour and head down to a parking deck right by the
amphitheater. Gnosh some Indian food and head over to get seats.
Shotgun Jimmy is an acoustic warmup.
In the row in front of us and to the left someone has come over and
is talking the group there and it's my travel agent and chaffuer
Mark Goldstein! I yelp "Mark!" he looks over smiling and we fist bump.

After the show, Mike and I head over to left of stage where merch is
setup. I pick up Jose's solo cd and talk to the young lady manning the
table. She says "did I just see you on stage?" and I'm like
Looking back at the group shot I could've been far stage left next to
Lysh but ... no, not me. She's just recorded an album produced by Jose
and I go I think I saw you at Lee's Palace when I was up for the
Organized Accidents release; the openner Too Young, and she goes um...
no, I wish ... (sorry, I don't remember your band ... oh, well
best fishes )

Mike goes around to look at back of stage while I keep an eye on front
where Leslie and Brendan are talking to some friends at the edge.
Mike comes over and motions me to the back where Jose is talking to
someone. I'm pretty sure I fist bump the D!l on the way over, say hi to
Brian. I give Jose a Bear Hug and he's like I'm... and I go I know ...
after a gig all sweaty and brain scramble.
We chat a bit and Mike and I have to scoot so we can leave early in the
morning to drive back.