1(verse):  4x E.C#
2(chorus): 4x A.Bb.B.Bb

-> 3x[1.2]
 [band introduction]

    NOTE: previously known as: Totes Dude, Meat & Deluca

Toms River - + Wingo
1(verse):   4x A.C#.A--B.F.F#
2(chorus):  4x F#.G.G#.A.Bb 
3(bridge): 16x A.D

Feed my face

Outer space

Left undone

Hide the sun

And I know

Every step is gold


Dance this one last dance (Breathe this one last breath)

Eat your face

Inner place

is doomed

(Watch) the moon

Disconnected - + Duarte
1: A.E.D.G
2: A.G.4x(F#.E)

-> intro(2x1).2x[4x1.4x2.(solo)2x1]
I was shouting at you
and you were shouting at me
words are not words
they're stones we hurl
They flew like a bird
they hit like a turd 

words are not words
they're stones we heard

- the shouting
and ran away
We heard the shouting (chorus)
and ran away

Dandelion - Hamblin, Harley, Hill, Sheremata
 1: 4x E - 9 - 0 - 4 
 2: 4x E - A
 3: B - C - F# - G - C# - D - G# - A
 -: 1 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 3 - outro (E3)

I'm telling all the girls
what you did to me
and that's not all
I'm telling all the boys

Dandelion, thought you were a flower
so beautiful

I'm telling all the sisters
I'm telling all the brothers
I'm telling all the cousins
Telling everybody

Dandelion, thought you were a flower
so beautiful

You're just a weed
I'm gonna smoke you
gonna burn you out
set you on fire

1: 4x E59b.G#39b
2: 2x [ DM74.Em7(4)] . C7.Bm79.Fm7.E79b

-> 2x [ 1.2 ]


[the holiday classic]


intro: 2x G7(6). Apat(131454)
1: 2x G7(6).Bm7(-).F#m7.C#m7(M)
2: 4x G(V).A(III)
3: 4x Em.Dm.A (+Apat)
4: 2x Em(III).G.Dm.A

-> (i).

She dreams awake (d.g.d.e)
The dream's a day

spoilers, wouldn't you say, what would you say

birds fly around, some other way

Could it be any, any other way

Can you see, what you don't know?
Can't you see, what you don't 

Everyone knows, johnny's gonna die
Everyone knows, rain falls from the sky
Everyone knows, the moon is dark
Everyone knows, the sun is gonna rise

1. 4x B.A.[GM7 | CM7]
2. 4x Dm.C.G
3. 4x C.F.C.2x[D.G.D.G.D]

Caramel Colored
Orange and Cream
When You Melt
You're my dream

ride you in my dreams

So cold, on my lips
So cold, on my hips

1: 4x C#.G#m.A.F
2: 4x [ F#m.B.A.E ] - G#

-> 3x [ 1.2 ] - A.B.D.( 1 one time only thru A )

I'm tired of walking down the street
hearing everyone talk in NewSpeak
instead of dwelling in this Orwellian dilemma
everybody just say what you mean

Destroy All Lies

War is not Peace and Love is not Hate
in this Brave New World
people got to wake up
and stop soppin the soma

Destroy All Lies

I know there are alot of bad people out there
and our guys have to have the means to find them
but as a founding father once said:
Those willing to sacrifice Freedom for Safety deserve neither

Destroy All Lies

Destroy All Liars

intro(outro): 4x G.F#.A
1(verse):     4x B.G.A.D.C#.D.C#.D
2(chorus):    4x Em.A

-> i.3x[1.2].o
putting on the Make-Up
time for you to wake up

I'm coming, coming for u

call you on the phone
just to give you a bone

I'm coming, coming for u

knocking on your door
I see you on the floor

I'm coming, coming for u

1. 4x Am.Dm.Em
2. 4x A(B.C.B.C.B).D(E.F.E.F.E)

-> 1 (intro) . 2x [ 3x1 .2 ]

1. 4x G#.B.F#
2. 4x E.F#.G#

-> 3x [ 1.2 ]

1. 3x D.C.B.G
2. D.C.B.F
1=> [ ]
3. 4x G.F

-> 3x1 .3. 1 .3. 1
This is my Punk Philosophy

1. 3x[ Fm7.Bb7 ].C#M7.Gm7b5
2. 2x[ Abm7.Db7 ].GbM7.Gm7b5.C7b5

I. 4x 1. CBCF.AG (2 measures)
   2x (half step up) C#CC#F#.A#G#
   2x 1
2. 4x F.Bb.C.G
3. 2x D A.C G . D A.B F
coda: CBC.Em7b5.A7b9

-> I.2.I.3.I.2.3.coda
so much for quality control, at the kitty litter factory
open a box Unscented, and it sure as hell smells
guess I shouldn't expect much from some clay shop
but the cat box is my zen garden, there's always a present

chorus: it's industry night, on the floor
        you want some more, we'll make some more

I was moshing with cyberAnne up at the old WUST
bumping around, someone knocked her down
I looked at her and said who did this, she said it doesn't matter
so I pulled her up and swung her about, 'til we knocked everyone out
you must remember this, it's not much of a dance without a partner

out in the midwest people are working third shift
in factories being shut down by the rich
what ever happened to the America that made everything
if you don't provide for the health of the people
you're just making them ill

1. Bb . Eb
2. (([[[ Ab ] F ] Db ] Eb ) Bb ) F

tried to find
what I know
is there to touch
what I know

Can't Reach My Angel Wings

number walls
speaking grate
tumble halls
sound shaped drain

Can't Reach My Angel Wings

cinescope stipple
interwoven rooms
leading nowhere

there's dark outside the dark

Blown Again - + Epstein
1. 2x[ 2xC#--F.C---.C#--F.C B  A# A
       2xG#--C.G---.G#--C.G F# F  E  ]
2. 2x C#FG#F.BD#.G#C.F#A#
3. 3x C#F BD#.G#C F#A# (half count). 
      D#F#  FG# . F#A#

-> intro1 2x [ 1.2.3 ] outro3(last part)
Sunbeam mystifier shorted out
darkness spreads throughout the house
winter time is getting cold
wakin' up feeling pretty old

EMP ripples through the room
sun beams window very soon
static shock on a blanket touch
not liking this pretty much

twist the fuse, flip the breaker switch
power's blown again

sunbeam mystifier spreading darkness
winter coldness is getting oldness
sparks fly out from the socket
gonna ride out on a rocket

twist the fuse, flip the breaker switch
power's blown again

     verse: 4x [ 3x(D.ACCA).F#.G ]
     chorus: 2x E.F.A#.C#
     bridge: 2x G.C.Fm
     intro (half verse) and outro (ending on C) are altered verses
   -> i.v.c.v.2xc.b.2xc.o
     open a door nobody sees
     go through the door, say what you see
     is it a room or are there no walls
     there is a light, irradiate

     kiss my eyes

     paint a picture, tear in a hole
     can you tell that it's better
     hang in a room where there (are) no walls
     there is a light, irradiate

     kiss my eyes

     paint a picture of a door
     hang it on a wall
     there is no room in a hole
     there is light, irradiate
     1: 2x G#m...B..C#  G#m...B..F# AM7
     2: 4x C#.B.A#.B  (AM7 4th-x)
     bridge: 2 modulated to D#. then F modulated walkdown

     -> intro. 2x[ 1.2 ] .bridge.2x1(gtrs).2.(drums.1bass.1gtr).1

Gaze upon Orion
It's ready to fly at any time
See the belt and see the sword
anoint the ward amoeba plebe

don't pretend, you don't care

Uncle Carl's second story
Arthur Space was an actor
See the belt hold up the sword
Deke and Axel twenty-nine

do you understand
don't stand under me

Gaze upon Orion's belt
ready to fly at any time
see the sword light up the sky
see the light lick your soul

     1. 4xA7.2xD7.2xA7.F#m7.G69.A7 E7.
     2. 2x[F#m7.G69].2xC#.2xG.A7.D7 E7.

     -> [ 2x1.1x2 ]

     1: F.G#.F.Bb.F.G#.F.C
     2: G#7
     3: Bb.G#.C.Bb . Bb.G#.C_
    I thought I would die
    and then you came
    you showed me your tattoo
    it was of US

    You got your Pair of Dice
    Are you ready to roll
    Yeh they look real nice
    Where you gonna go

    I had a tattooed dream of US
    I thought I would die
    and then you came
    showed me your tattoo
    sometimes a letter, says it all
    sometimes a letter, don't mean a thing

    you showed me your tattoo
    it was clear as day
    it was U     
    and the letter S

	1: 16xA7 . 2x[A7.E G].[A7.A G].[A7.A C].
	2: @G
	3: @F
	4: @Eb
	5: @C#  -> E with A


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