The Ballad of Fallen Rock and Suzi Sioux      notes   goal

the libretto


Who is Fallen Rock? Who is Suzi Sioux?
It could be you. It could be me. It could be anyone.

What is the Ballad of Fallen Rock and Suzi Sioux?
It is a story of Life. It is a tale that will be told. It is a play inhabited by players who arrive, take a bow, do a little dance. The main theme is introduced in a four note motif, half falling, half rising. The emphasis becoming the ascension. This is life: it happens. O! Fortuna! For tunes; four tones. Mistakes are made or accidents happen and our true measure, our only redemption, is to rise above adversity and move onward. But enough about philosophy, let's meet the players.
Each Act is 23 minutes long.

Tonight We Ride
In the first movement, we meet Fallen Rock. Anyone. When I was young, we traveled a lot. When we drove through mountainous roads, there were signs of "Watch for Fallen Rock". My father would say that Fallen Rock was an Indian and that we had to look out for him, he might run across the road or push a boulder from the cliffs above, so we had to be careful. I would always watch for Fallen Rock. This is his song.

One Way Through
This is the song of Suzi Sioux. The second movement and yet the third song, the Dance of Life, indeed. Are there lies? Only the telling of the tale will reveal the truth.

From the miasma of happenstance, conditions align for conjunction.

The Ballad ...
boy meets girl

Transmission Received
Life Happens.
Not always as we expect it, not even as we perceive it. The only thing constant is change. The evolution of events necesitate a revolution, darling, of experience. Sometimes progress is caught in the inertia of the past, but children provide a door to the future. The reality of existence is often in shadows and only illumination will bring fulfillment of a dream, the Dance of Life.

Release Me
What is the Dream? Is the friend that is a girl a girlfriend? Is the boy that is a friend a boyfriend? If there is a person then anyone else is an other, another person. Any time a one and an other situation is existant, there is the possibility of an 'Us vs. Them' schism. We need to be released from this predetermination. These verses absolve the yearning of the Dream. Time passes, yet some things are still the same. We are all friends. What is the Dream? We are all the same.

Coda (the Road)
We leave on the road. Boy met girl, life happened. But what was that? An accident? A mistake? Act I comes to a close. The road is ahead. We are always on the road. Whenever we leave someplace, we arrive at another.


I: 4xB.A
II: 4xE7
III: 4xEm9 (
IV: 4xCm7
V: 4xD7


My eyes a plate, for the day to feed upon

My eyes the squid

I know you're there

Tonight we ride

I: C76.G69.Am9.Fdim7 - tag: F#m7(2nd inv).Em7(2nd inv)
II: Em79.D7 (Gm.Am.Bm.Am.Gm) .Em79.Em7(2nd inv).F#dim6
III: (2x) Bm pat1(1314313-13143).Cm pat {Db pat. E pat} - E79
IV: 2x [Em79.D79]

-> 3xI.II.III.IV.III'.I.II.III(dblx)

Deer goddess valley line

Dance Of light, of life,

Fox Pass, here tell a tale

There in the mountain

Was only one way through



tired of hangin' around, Falling Rock says,
People steal my song
Suzi Sioux says, I know your song
And she did
Suzi Sioux says, think I'll sing your song
And she did, all night
Hey, I like your voice, Falling Rock says
Think I'll write you a song
And he did:
The trees, the birds, the bees, ah
Falling Rock and Suzi Sioux, now they're falling, falling down
The trees, the birds, the bees, ah
Falling Rock and Suzi Sioux
Falling Rock and Suzi Sioux, now they're fallen, fallen in love

I: DM7.CM7.F#79.G6
II: 2xAm7. 2xF#m7
III: 4x CM7.GM7
IV: Gm.C.Dm.A#M7.F#.C (2x on 1stx)

->2x I.II.III.IV

Transmission received for the zombie child, revolution darling
Wear the shadow suit where I can see you

Movement IV - Suite Transmission Received

  i. Transmission Received
 ii. Zombie Child
iii. Revolution Darling
iv. Transmission Received (reprise)


Called an old friend
Called an old girl friend the other day
she said: Release me

Called an old friend up the other day,
we had so many things to say, I said: Release Me
Called an old girl friend up the other day,
we had so many things to say,
I only said one thing, I said: Release Me

2x EmM.Bm7.A7 - F.G.A.Bm

the roads are full of leaves